Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

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The Windows XP and Vista contains Quick Launch Bar which is a comprehensive application which serves to pile up all the important applications and launch them rapidly with great ease. The quick launch bar was not enlisted in Windows 7 by Microsoft even though it earned great fame with Window users and now the recent version of Windows 8 also does not have a Quick Launch bar option.

A unique  third party applications is now being introduced that can enable the Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8 and also Windows 7. In order to restore back the Quick Launch bar in Windows 8, a way is there. People are not aware of the fact that majority of the features have not been removed by Microsoft and they are just hide in the latest version of the latest operating systems. Tons of old now can be enabled Windows 8. Here I am going to show how you can get the Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8 back without having to install any third party application.

Follow the below listed steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8:

1. Proceed by right-clicking Windows 8 Task-bar and create a new toolbar.

win 8 quick launch button Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

2. Soon after the selection of new toolbar, Windows will open file explorer window and there you need to enter the following path and click on Select Folder.

win 8 quick launch button2 Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

3.  A new Quick Launch shortcut will be seen in the Windows 8 Task-bar soon after you are done with step 2. By default, Task-bar automatically locks the Task-bar item so we can only move them by unlocking the Task-bar  Right-click on the Task-bar and deselect the Lock the Task-bar option.

win 8 quick launch button3 Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

4. After unlocking it, we can place  it at its original position like Windows XP and Windows Vista. To get the original location, just move the Quick Launch bar at the start of the Task-bar and leave it there.  see in the screenshot below, I have moved the Quick Launch Bar to the start of the Task-bar like Windows XP and Vista but the Quick Launch Bar is not looking similar to the original task bar as it normally appeared on previous Windows OS (showing text with applications icons).

win 8 quick launch button4 Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

5. Right-click on the Quick Launch option and un-checked the “Show Text” and “Show title” option in order to convert the quick launch bar to its original style.

win 8 quick launch button5 Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

6. The quick launch bar is now presented in classic style as you un-checked the “Show Text” and “Show title” option and  lock the Task-bar again.

win 8 quick launch button6 Steps to enable Quick Launch Bar in Windows 8

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