How To Fix Error “Documents.library-Ms Is No Longer Working” In Windows 7

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When you double-click a library to view the contents, the following error may occur.

“<libraryname>.library-ms” is no longer working.

For example, the following error may occur when opening Documents library

“Documents.library-ms” is no longer working.
This library can be safely deleted from your computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected.
w7 library err 1 How To Fix Error “Documents.library Ms Is No Longer Working” In Windows 7

Similarly when opening the Music, Pictures or Videos library.

“Music.library-ms” is no longer working.
“Pictures.library-ms” is no longer working.
“Videos.library-ms” is no longer working.

To fix this problem, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the corresponding library and choose Delete. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

Note: Deleting a library does not delete the contents of the included folders. However, you may need to re-add or include your folders manually, if needed.

Then, in the navigation pane of Windows Explorer, right-click Libraries and click Restore default libraries.

w7 library err 2 How To Fix Error “Documents.library Ms Is No Longer Working” In Windows 7

This recreates the library that was deleted earlier. This option only restores the default libraries.

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  • ryan avz

    did not work for me…the broken folders

  • Joan

    Cannot open files – documents.library-ms, pictures.library-ms on windows 7. Tried using the delete and restore – didn’t work. What else can be tried?

  • Ali

    Thanks mate, never thought this had a solution so simple.

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